Net Statistics

On Usage Per Site find the line colour which relates to your Wikk number (on your registration form copy or ph Karekare173). Each line on the first graph represents a bar graph of the usage for each individual site.

The statistics record your average down- or up-speed in 10s intervals. Therefore the height represents the average traffic speed from your site over each 10s. (Read towards the 'back' of the graph.) Totals are recorded as FW1 (line 1), FW2 (line 2) and overall Total. The firewalls work by monitoring everything which gets sent. Some is buffered (e.g. emails) to be sent when there is a gap; this show up as a continuity in the firewall graph (small in the case of an email which is an upload). ADSL speeds are 896 kbits/sec maximum up (actually achieve only 350kbits/s), 8 Mbits/sec down maximum (usually get only 2Mbits/s).

The easiest way to see what's happening on the network is to look at the "1 Hour" statistics as the graph bars will be more spread out. Most traffic is in bursts since the transmission speeds are so fast. Thus a network like WiKarekare's can rely on the capacity of the network to sustain many connections simultaneously most of the time. If you are having trouble connecting look for a solid chunk of colour (not yours) indicating that another subscriber is downloading a large file. If this is the case wait 20 mins to half an hour and you will probably connect with no further trouble. This is one of the realities of a shared link. (See "Projected Situation" above for future enhancements to the system.) The 24 Hour and 7 Day graphs will give a good idea of peak usage times. If you have an unusually large download it would be courteous to schedule this for an off-peak time e.g. very late or very early.

As long as there are gaps between the bars the traffic is intermittent (bursts) and other users can connect. The higher the number of subscribers using the network at any one time the more likely the wireless signals will eclipse one another, thus slow speeds are experienced. This will also happen with a fibre-copper link as witnessed by city users at times.

The group of four graphs shows total traffic in and out of the network. (each bar depicting the 10s average speed).

Total monthly usage per site is recorded for accounting purposes. At the present time the basic monthly allowance per subscriber is 1GB. This is shortly to be raised to 2.5 GB; excess usage is charged at $5.00 per 2.5GB over the basic 1GB allowance.

Constant monitoring of the statistics shows clearly a high probability of all demands on the network being satisfied at any one time (mulitple connections without any interference). Problems tend to be highlighted; the frustration threshold is high when accurate knowledge is not generally had of the processes involved in wireless transmission of internet data. To this end it has been useful to have a customer service representative available, although such a position cannot realistically be funded from the revenue received from a small group.

Total throughput is above original expectations. Several subscribers work from home - one problem we have had to solve is to prioritize the traffic so that interactive traffic for example is not compromised by large outgoing email traffic.

Financial Statistics

From the beginning the financial backbone of WiKarekare Trust has been the generosity of local community members. The loan of time and equipment throughout the research and testing period took over a year to formalise as a loan for WiKarekare to purchase equipment comprising the original wireless network. The management of financial details for the purpose of budgetting and eventual legal accountability, and the legal structure itself, were all derived by volunteers. Although such input cannot be quantified, the rationale for formation of a charitable trust has been borne out. Unexpected system difficulties due partly to unexpected traffic patterns and specifically by the reduction of line speed out after only 4 months, meant that WiKarekare paid a systems administrator to ameliorate subsciber problems. Positive relationships within the wireless community were largely sustained through voluntary management. "Tweaking" the system and stretching the limitations of the equipment amounted to over the 200 hours which WiKarekare received invoices for.

Figures for income & expenditure, assets and liabilities Wikarekare Finances show WiKarekare's financial position.