FINANCIAL REPORT for 2006/2007


A net increase of 5 subscribers to 30.06.07 has contributed to a stable, if indebted, financial position. Systems administration for the year has been minimal, so that all but two overdue accounts were paid off by 30th June. In January the connection fee was increased to reflect the true cost of maintaining the system. Expenditure (current) was chiefly on capital equipment:- for the new subscribers and point-to-point relay, new UPSs and systems enhancement (further automating NetStats and tracking faults ).

Internet charges for our two links have increased with our new higher-speed plans (8Mb/864Kb) which are proving well worth the extra expenditure, with connection congestion almost a thing of the past. A major success was the trial of a "point-to-point" link, dedicated to traffic between the wireless distribution routers carrying the most traffic. Previously throughtput congestion delayed speed by up to 2/3. A router was loaned for this purpose, keeping costs down.

A change in prices this year is reflected in our excess usage policy. Maximum monthly allowance was increased to 2.5GB, with excess usage over this limit charged at $5 per 2.5GB.

The decision to depreciate all new equipment at cost dating from the 30th June 2007 balance date more accurately reflects the current cost of operating WiKarekare. A reduction in charges is anticipated in the future.

A preliminary budget for the year 2007/2008 suggests that we may indeed be very nearly in the black by 30.06.08. This is a little later than predicted in January 2005, and our loan will be unpaid.

It remains a fact that our community network relies heavily on freely given labour and design innovation for maintaining both the system and the accounts. Karekare has traditionally relied similarly on local input for other vital services; commitment and service are a fact of life here. We have been fortunate to have received donations of time and equipment (or the loan of same) which is gratefully acknowledged.