Balances above cover the period 24.01.05 (inauguration of WiKarekare Trust) to 30.06.06.

Accounts Payable listed cover manufacture of the assets (base stations for the original wireless network) and other invoices received which will be paid as funds allow. These cover net statistics (posting cumulative totals and usage graphs on the website for subscibers' use), prioritizing traffic on the network and systems administration.

Value of the wireless equipment so far amounts to around $15,000 over the 18 months since the formation of the Trust. Enhancements cost a further $5000 under the systems administration contract. Accounts totalling $3000 have been received for preventative maintenance. Average monthly subscriber numbers since 30.06.05 were 16. Expansion of our subscriber base since the balance date has improved Wikarekare's financial position. Assets are specialized so in the event of the Trust being dissolved only a fraction of their value would be realized.

Budgets prepared from time to time indicate that so far the overall cost of running WiKarekare, including purchasing equipment, amounts to $1600 per subscriber spread over 18 months. The expectation of repaying the loan and all accounts payable in 3 years depends on an estimated total contribution by subscribers of $2400. This estimate is less than expected fees & rents if the subscriber base remains stable. Due to cost increases, WiKarekare will need to increase connection fees for new subscribers. Monthly rents may need to be increased on the basis that the service has improved and running costs have risen. On the other hand, as there is probably a threshold above which many community members will not subscribe, the increased costs would be offset by an increased subscriber base, bearing in mind the capital cost involved in every new connection. Depending on the type of usage (e.g. VPN or business video traffic) WiKarekare's present line capacity may or may not be adequate. Additional systems adminstration is an inevitable cost once line usage increases. Interest from new community members is heartening for the long-term financial position of WiKarekare Trust.

It is rare to find a person experienced in both systems administration and antenna design, but WiKarekare is extremely fortunate in that we have one such person prepared to use his knowledge for the benefit of our local community. In addition he was kindly prepared to research the proposal of a wireless internet network initially at his own expense. Much of the result of his experiment is posted on the WiKarekare website, including step-by-step methods for building both waveguide antennas for maximum signal and a cheap base station/router for mounting outside in all weathers. (We have many incidences of gale force winds here,also UV is high, requiring frequent maintenance.)